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Take pictures of the front and back of your key. Text message or eMail the pictures to us, so we can confirm that your key can be cloned.
Once we determine your key can be cloned. Place your order below.

* The prices below exclude Salto models ending in 4K, iClass Classic and Kaba keys. Please text or email us for pricing on those keys.
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After You Order

Securely pack your key(s)

Include the Paypal transaction number with your key(s) or eMail us the Paypal transaction number and tracking number of your package.

Ship your key(s) to:

Access Key Cloning
916 Orange Isle
Ft Lauderdale, FL 33315
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USPS Priority Mail: $8.00

FedEx 2 Day Air: $35.00

FedEx Next Day Air: $50.00

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Air Mail: $50.00

Express Air Mail: $100.00
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The above address is a mail facility, it is not our physical location.
We check our mail every 24 hours. We turn orders around in 24 hours or less.
100% Money back guarantee!
If your clone doesn't work, simply return it for a refund!
We accept all major credit cards.

Call or Text 1-954-906-2KEY (1-954-906-2539) -
Local Office: Ft Lauderdale, FL

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